Monday, January 19, 2009

No longer MIA

I realize I’ve been MIA for quite a while. I’ve been taking some much needed “me” time since the holidays and the new year to just reflect on the direction I need to take this coming year. My memoir is now receiving a second thorough and final edit and it looks very promising – I’m very excited!! I feel confident the manuscript will find an agent (I’ve already scoped out a good handful) and ultimately, a good publisher. My biggest struggle is whether I should also focus on writing and submitting magazine articles. I’m frozen in place right now. If I follow what my heart wants to do right now it would be to focus solely on the memoir. I do have an idea for an article regarding a local individual, so I may just pursue that for the moment.

I’ve also applied for a paralegal position at work that I feel very optimistic about as well. The posting doesn’t come down until this Wednesday, so I’m thinking interviews will probably be the first week in February. It will be rather wonderful to actually work a profession that I received my degree in! I’m also taking a drawing class (two sessions – one tonight and one next week) to brush up on techniques. After nearly an eighteen year hiatus from art, I’m finally returning. It feels good too, although I haven’t completed much of anything yet. Just moving back in that direction feels good. The creative component has been missing in my life and I finally realized it! I’m considering it a hobby for now, but we’ll see where else it may lead me.

And the best news of all!!!!! I booked our vacation this weekend – woo hoo! We’ll be spending a week in Puerto Aventuras (Mexican Riviera Maya). It’s exciting to know Charlie and I are finally embarking on our life together without any outside annoyances, with our greatest plans being to travel - a lot. We’re planning on two other trips this year, but those trips will be within the U.S. We want to start checking out different areas of the country where we would like to move eventually (probably within the next five to eight years). We’ll be going to Austin this summer to visit my brother and to check out the area.

That’s all for now… I promise to be more regular in my writing from here out!!

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Kristyanna said...

Hmmmmm. I think you are MIA. =p