Friday, September 26, 2008

Welcome to the Treadmill Tribune!

No, the Treadmill Tribune is not about purchasing treadmills or using them for indoor running. It serves as a metaphor for me. I often feel like life is like a treadmill – you’re running in a forward projection, doing something good for yourself, seeming to make progress in improving yourself, but you get off and realize you really haven’t gotten anywhere! For years I have been dreaming of working independently, not having to be tied down to a schedule inflicted upon me by my employer. The work I have been doing, while profitable, has been and still is, completely unfulfilling to me. Upon reading Sully Erna’s The Paths We Choose, I realized I had been settling in life. His story is one of perseverance, believing in yourself that you can make your dreams come true by working hard and ignoring the naysayers. He never gave up on himself, and although it took awhile, his dream became a reality and he is now quite a success. I realized after reading his book that there are people out there making a living doing things they love and are passionate about. Why wasn’t I? I wasn’t because I allowed myself to flow with the status quo, believing that grown-ups don’t dream – reality is working 9-5 and paying the bills and trying to do something enjoyable on the weekends. NO MORE! I cannot go on spending the majority of my life commuting 45 minutes one way, each day, to a 8X8 cell (sorry, cubicle), chained to a chair for nine hours a day, plugging away on a computer with work that does not inspire me, does not interest me, nor that I even believe in. Change is happening and it is happening NOW!

The Treadmill Tribune is a forum for adults to unload their frustrations with life and share their dreams of their future and what they are doing to make their dreams a reality. I will be sharing my life and dream plans along the way. Likewise, I want to her from people who are living their dream and how they accomplished it. I originally planned on narrowing the blog to just other women who do not have children and feel the way I do, but I realized we could learn a lot more by including everyone. With that said, this blog is for adults only. No, there will be nothing pornographic about it. But those with children – mentally find a babysitter and come here for you only. Even though you have kids and the thought process is to put them first, here I say no, put yourself first. Realize your dreams and inspire your children to do the same. We will also discuss ways to make your life better in terms of fitness, nutrition, spirituality, and the like.

Life is too short to shrug off dreams. Get off the treadmill!

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