Saturday, October 4, 2008

Wanted: energy to clean the house!

This week I decided to let my cleaning lady go because 1) she & her partner were not doing such a great job and 2) for $65 every two weeks, I could do a much better job. I was off yesterday and was supposed to take care of the cleaning then but for some reason it didn’t happen (i.e. I didn’t feel like doing it). Here I am Saturday morning trying to muster up the energy to do it and I’m not finding it. I need to find another cleaning lady! The whole point of hiring one was to free up time for me to concentrate on my writing and other projects at hand, so I have to stop myself right now from justifying the savings with me doing it myself. Even if it only takes two hours a week, with working full-time outside of the house right now, two hours is very precious time.

This week I’ve been riding a small roller coaster of emotions which I’ve been attempting to contain by meditating on a regular basis. The meditation seems to be working! When I find myself getting annoyed with work and wanting to quit ASAP, I reel myself back in knowing that I’m not there forever, my goals are on track, and I will be a success in achieving those goals, but it will not happen overnight. Deep breathing is critical at this point! My current job pays well, but the work is a drag and I get fed up with the office politics (one of the many reasons why I want to work from home). Even when I make it a point to remain disconnected from the politics, it’s still all around me and the negative energy tries its best to suck me in. The office where I’m at now does not have a telecommuting policy in place and they are really dragging their feet in implementing one. Several other government agencies have a policy in place, but nearly all are offices located in D.C. (a nearly two hour train ride – driving with traffic would be nearly as long – one way), so I hope to fight to get telecommuting in my agency. Realistically, I hope to be on my own in the next year and a half, so the point of implementing a telecommuting policy at the office is moot.

I also finally cleaned out my attic last week and found a letter my father had written me years ago. More on this later, along with the details of the first ever yard sale I will be having! Take care…

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Kim said...

Thanks so much for the skin care tip!! I've just stopped taking the pill and my skin is rebelling BIG TIME. Ugh. So. UN. COOL.