Sunday, November 2, 2008

Looking for the dream job

In keeping with my personal philosophy, “If you are not happy, move on”, I decided this week that if telework is so important to me, I need to start looking for it now. My hope
was my current office would consider adopting it, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen. In my years of working I have always sacrificed some personal beliefs and/or desires believing that doing so is a normal way of life. However, I can no longer deny these beliefs because doing so is making me one miserable individual! I also fight the tendency to ruminate over how I should have done this years ago. I know I’m not the only one who is in the same predicament so here is my personal list of steps to take to make your dream job a reality:

1. Do not deny your personal beliefs and desires! In order to be happy, you must hold these sacred and search for the right company/institution that honors your beliefs and desires. In a quick search online, I found over the course of this weekend that these types of companies do exist! Start your search at: http:// From here you can plug in “perks” you are looking for in a company and it delivers the specific companies to match those perks you find important.

2. Realize that the perfect company to work for may be you! This is something I am seriously considering and right now I’m in the process of developing exactly what I would like to do. This includes market research and developing a business plan. If you are serious about starting your own business, I suggest one of your first steps should be to meet with your local Small Business Development Office representative (http://

3. Searching for a new career is like holding down a part-time job. Allow yourself the time to conduct you research, to amp up your resume, and to then apply for jobs.

4. Be open to relocating, if needed. If you own your own home, I know the real estate market right now does not lend itself to moving, but realize you may have to move in order to acquire your dream job. This has been my hang up for years now. I live in northeastern Maryland and have limited myself to just the immediate commute area for job opportunities. Do not fall into this trap! Open yourself up to relocating and the world is yours for the taking! My husband wants to wait another 18 months before we move, but I no longer think I can wait that long. However, since I am searching for telework opportunities, I should be looking for companies that would allow me to remain where I am for now with the possibility to move in the future.

5. Block out the naysayers! This is critical to realizing your dream job. Many, many negative individuals are out there waiting to hold you back because they do not have the courage nor desire to actualize their dreams. Stay true to yourself and believe in yourself whether you want to be a world-renowned chef or open up a local pet-sitting business. For me, I sometimes keep the bulk of my plans to myself, only sharing them with a few trusted individuals (i.e., positive and inspiring individuals). This mitigates hearing a bunch of negative garbage that I can do without.

Today for me will be sorting out whether I can be satisfied changing career fields in order to achieve the benefits I want: telework, fun and casual work environment, room to advance, generous paid time off. I also need to sort out whether I would be willing to accept a pay cut to achieve these benefits. My gut reaction is yes, but I need to discuss that with hubby first. He has been very open to me taking a pay cut, as long as I can wait for him to finish college (the 18 months discussed above) and for him to get a higher paying position.

Go forward with your dream – today is the best day to start.

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